Our Story

Heluva Who? Heluva What??

Yeah, our name is kind of a funny story. Back in 1925, we began making cheese in Sodus, New York. One day, a customer exclaimed, “That’s a hell of a good cheese!” It stuck, and the rest is history.

These days, we’re still making cheese, and no doubt, you’ve heard of our delicious dips. So, why not introduce your good times to our great tastes? Whether it’s game night, or just a Tuesday night, you can turn things up a notch with something Heluva Good! We’ve got 7 different dips and 10 cheeses to choose from. We’re serious about snacking, so let’s keep the fun in food. Have a click around. Chances are, you’ll work up an appetite.

Heluva Good! is part of the HP Hood LLC family of brands, with products in dairy cases throughout the Northeast, Southeast and Midwest (to the Rockies) and all of Canada.